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2022-03-26 05:35:07 By : Mr. Bryan Chi

Nab deals from independent brands in apparel, home, wellness and more today.

Robin Mosley (she/her) is a Chicago native living on the East Coast who is a fan of all things beauty, food, gaming and tech. Currently, she writes commerce deals about beauty, fashion and other essential gear. When she isn't writing, she's making her way to a restaurant, shopping online or learning design to improve her craft.

Verishop is back with a new BOGO deal. When you buy one clearance item, you can get a free clearance item (of equal or lesser value) until March 21 9:59 a.m. PT. This BOGO offer is applied to the lower-priced item and only appears at checkout. 

If you're shopping for clothes, the most affordable item (besides socks) are T-shirts. Women's crew neck tees from Madewell are $11 to $12 and come in four colors: gray, white, red and black. Men's crew neck tees from West Village  are $11. 

In beauty, health and wellness categories you can find household essentials from Public Goods , including this bamboo toothbrush . Or if you're all about bringing a soothing vibe no matter where you go, this Monq personal diffuser for $10 fits right in your pocket. Technology is also on sale, but whether it's a good deal depends on the product. The Google Nest protect sensor alarm (battery) is $71, while the wired version is $99. Both are more affordable than some retailers, but aren't representative of all tech deals on sale. You can find hidden gems in technology and other categories if you spend a bit of time looking.