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2022-09-23 23:39:10 By : Mr. Benjamin Ma

Our kitchens are where we cook and prepare the meals that, well, sustain us. Depending on how we perceive them, they can either be positive happy havens or the place we’re doomed to slave away in. So, we’ve curated a collection of fun and aesthetic kitchen layouts, to help you give your kitchen the makeover it deserves, and change your perception of it!

This modern kitchen design by Edvinas Skiestenis is perfect for our modern homes! Matte black countertops, shelves, and cabinets manage to add a sleek urban feel.

This kitchen layout by Marco Podrini incorporates cool marble elements, open windows, and wooden drawers and shelves to create a spacious and warm space perfect for cooking your meals!

The geometric backsplash in this kitchen is accentuated by pastel drawers, forming a pretty kitchen space ideal for all spring lovers! Designed by Dom W Sansewieriach, the space also features cute little hexagonal wall storage units!

This award-winning kitchen design by Cutting Edge Homes features subtle grey cabinets and drawers, and an eye-catching brass faucet! The brass cabinet handles match the faucet perfectly.

The super cool backsplash in this kitchen by Construction2Style has a 3D feel to it! The trippy cubes are accompanied by otherwise subtle shades of grey throughout the kitchen.

I wouldn’t mind whipping up some breakfast in this beach-facing kitchen by Gicinque Cucine! Minimal wooden stools and a wooden kitchen counter are accompanied by breathtaking views of the ocean.

La Cornue integrated beautiful copper knobs into this retro-inspired kitchen! A white kitchen top and a white brick wall were added as neutral elements.

Surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows, this kitchen design by R&D Cesar helps you reconnect with nature while you cook away. Prepping your meals has never been so relaxing!

Estudio Vilablanch designed this fun-loving and cheerful kitchen! Colorful orange furniture, patterned floor tiles, and a simple grey kitchen unit make it the perfect spot to cook, wine and dine.

Designed by Azbuka Dom Studio, this kitchen is sleek and sophisticated! The plush grey high top chairs have got my attention.

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