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2022-07-15 23:38:46 By : Mr. Jerome Lin

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A Melbourne man made a jihadi video in which he brandished a knife, talked of spilling blood, and pledged allegiance to Islamic State, a court has heard.

Two brothers, Aran Sherani, 21, and Ari Sherani, aged 20, have been charged with attempting to engage in a terrorist act.

The court heard Aran Sherani had made 25 videos, some of which were posted on Instagram.

Early on the day of his arrest last March, he allegedly bought a knife from a Coles supermarket in Melbourne's north, before making an online video in which he swears allegiance to Islamic State.

Prosecutor Brett Sonnet said he recorded himself smiling while he brandished the knife, spoke of spilling blood, and expressed a desire to engage in violent jihad.

"Is the blood of the Muslims cheap? No," the 21-year-old allegedly said.

"I will punish the Kafir [unbeliever] whenever I can."

But defence lawyer Patrick Doyle SC argued one of the charges Aran Sherani was facing should be struck out, as there was insufficient evidence he had used the knife in preparation for a terrorist act.

"For all the ranting and raving this man does on his mobile phone, no jury could get past the fact that he never does anything with the knife consistent with attacking anyone with it," Mr Doyle said.

It's also alleged the brothers started a bushfire at Humevale on February 18 last year, in an attempted terrorist act, while Aran Sherani has also been charged over a second fire at Kinglake 10 days later.

According to the evidence of police forensic officer John Kelleher, video of the Humevale blaze shows it was lit using flammable liquid, along with firestarters that he later found at the scene.

"The person lighting the fire could be seen to throw several firestarters into leaf litter and small branches close to the road," he said in a statement tendered to the court.

"With the third firestarter, the fire ignites, and in what appears to be less than a second, travels an estimated four metres."

The court previously heard the Kinglake fire was lit in an area badly damaged in the deadly Black Saturday fires in 2009.

The Sherani brothers were arrested in counter-terrorism raids in Melbourne last March.

Earlier in the three-day committal hearing, the court was told police believed Aran Sherani was going to travel to a conflict zone and was potentially a danger to the community if he was unable to do so.

Magistrate Kieran Gilligan has yet to rule on whether the brothers should stand trial over the allegations.

They will return to court on March 15.

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