Mikki announces new sustainable bamboo grooming range | Post

2022-07-29 22:57:06 By : Ms. Julia zhang

Mikki has announced a new bamboo grooming range, which has been created to meet the demands of today’s environmentally conscious pet owners.

Made from sustainable bamboo and supplied in 100% recyclable packaging each of the new grooming products within the range has been created by 10 people powered processes which increases ethically paid labour whilst reducing machine driven production and emissions.

Designed to suit all coat types and featuring the air cushioning, pin geometry and rotating teeth qualities associated with Mikki’s thirty years of grooming expertise the range comprises a selection of brushes, slickers, combs, rakes, and massagers.

In support of the launch Mikki is offering retailers a freestanding display unit kit deal, which includes a product discount and free FSDU that features a planogram alongside barcodes and product codes for easy re-ordering. The FSDU is further enhanced with a ‘self selection’ header which helps consumers to match products with their pet’s breed and coat type.