Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Bowl Bamboo Fiber Pulp Packaging

Biodegradable bamboo fiber bowl bamboo fibre pulp packaging ItemTop dia.PackageCarton Size(cm)6inch115mm1000x132.5x32.5x24cm6inch W stripe155mm10x10032.5x32.5x23cm6.75inch175mm1000x137x37x23cm7inch180mm10x10037.5x37.5x34cm7inch W stripe180mm10x10037.5x37.5x23cm8inch W stripe205mm10x10042x42x22cm9inch230mm10x10048x48x30cm9in

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Biodegradable bamboo fiber bowl bamboo fibre pulp packaging

ItemTop dia.PackageCarton Size(cm)
6inch W stripe155mm10x10032.5x32.5x23cm
7inch W stripe180mm10x10037.5x37.5x23cm
8inch W stripe205mm10x10042x42x22cm
9inch W oval230mm10x10048x34.5x36.5cm
10.2inch W oval260mm10x10054x41.5x32cm

Sugarcane Plate, bowl, box from Eco Products. Constructed out of sugarcane,
a rapidly renewable resource, this plate is fully compostable. It also delivers a superior
performance as it is grease and cut resistant along with freezer and microwave friendly.

With so many benefits, this sugarcane plate is an obvious choice. Compostable bowls and
compostable lids made from 100% biodegradable and compostable SUGAR CANE, bagasse.
which is the fibrous pulp remaining after the juice is extracted from the sugarcane stalks.

The compostable bowls and compostable lids are rigid but lightweight and are great
for both hot or cold foods. biodegradable, recyclable, microwaveable and freezer safe,
oil resistant and cut resistant. The compostable to go containers are heavy duty
deli food containers for hot or cold foods. FDA approved for food use.

Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Bowl Bamboo Fibre Pulp Packaging
Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber Bowl Bamboo Fibre Pulp Packaging

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